Recent Case Studies

This section contains summaries of 44 major oil spills from 1967 to the present day, looking at the incident, response, our involvement together with selected bibliographies and web links, where available.

Below shows the five most recent profiles, to access the full list of case histories please use the link below, search using the filter on the right hand side or use the interactive map. 

Five most recent case studies:

GDANSK, Venezuela, 2011

On 28th January 2011, the bulk carrier GDANSK was loaded with 35,100 MT of iron ore when she ran aground outside Ferrominera Port, Puerto Ordaz, on the Orinoco River in Venezuela. As a result of the grounding an unknown quantity of fuel oil was lost from the vessel.

Categories: Americas, Oil, Bulk Carrier, Venezuela

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EAGLE OTOME, United States, 2010

On 23rd January 2010, two barges and their towing vessel DIXIE VENGENCE, collided with the Singapore flagged oil tanker EAGLE OTOME, in the Sabine Neches waterway in Port Arthur, Texas. The collision resulted in a hole near the No. 1 starboard cargo tank of EAGLE OTOME and a spillage of an estimated 1,440 MT of light crude oil cargo.

Categories: Americas, Oil, Oil Tanker, United States

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SELENDANG AYU, United States, 2004

On 7th December 2004, the Malysian bulk carrier SELENDANG AYU suffered engine failure whilst en-route from Seattle, USA to Xiamen, the People's Republic of China, and ran aground off Skan Bay in Unalaska Island, Alaska. Shortly after the grounding, the vessel broke in two as a result of the severe weather.

Categories: Americas, Oil, Bulk Carrier, United States

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EXXON VALDEZ, Alaska, United States, 1989

EXXON VALDEZ grounded on Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on 24th March 1989. About 37,000 tonnes of Alaska North Slope crude escaped into the Sound and spread widely.

Categories: Americas, Oil, Oil Tanker, United States

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ODYSSEY, off Canada, 1988

On November 10th 1988, the Liberian tanker ODYSSEY, almost fully loaded with a cargo of 132,157 tonnes of North Sea Brent crude oil, broke into two and sank in heavy weather in the North Atlantic 700 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Categories: Americas, Oil, Oil Tanker, Canada

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