Recent Case Studies

This section contains summaries of major spills from 1967 to the present day, looking at the incident, response, our involvement together with selected bibliographies and web links, where available.

Below shows the most recent profiles, to access the full list of case histories please use the link below, search using the filter on the right hand side or use the interactive map. 

Five most recent case studies:

SAMHO BROTHER, Taiwan, 2005

On 10th October 2005, the chemical tanker SAMHO BROTHER was involved in a collision with the container vessel TS HONGKONG, 9 nm North West of Hsinchu, Taiwan. SAMHO BROTHER was carrying a cargo of 3,136 tonnes of benzene, 65 tonnes of intermediate fuel oil and 16 tonnes of marine diesel as bunker fuel.

Categories: Asia, HNS, Oil, Chemical Tanker, Taiwan

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