Iain Harrison

Senior Technical Support Coordinator

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Iain Harrison joined ITOPF in early 2010. He has a master's degree in law and environmental science and recently achieved a postgraduate diploma in maritime law.

Iain is responsible for undertaking claims assessments and has been involved in the assessment of clean-up claims for numerous cases including large-scale incidents such as HEBEI SPRIT.

Iain also undertakes numerous tariff/rates assessments on behalf of many response organisations internationally and has a key involvement developing relations with Chinese Ship Pollution Response Organisations (SPROs).

Iain is also tasked with the development and maintenance of an oil spill response resource database.

Previous Experience

Prior to joining ITOPF, Iain has worked as an environmental consultant and an environmental risk underwriter. Iain also worked in Kuwait as part of a team assessing residual levels of oil pollution along the entire coastline of the country a dozen years on from the Persian Gulf War.

ITOPF Working Groups

Iain is a member of the HNS Working Group.


  • English (native)
  • Italian
  • French