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Julke Brandt

Technical Adviser

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Julke Brandt joined ITOPF in October 2017, where she is part of the Europe, Middle East and Africa team. She holds a Master Mariner Certificate of Competency, a BSc in Nautical Science and an MSc in International Marine Environmental Consultancy.

Previous Experience

Before joining ITOPF, Julke worked as visiting researcher for Newcastle University, where she processed and analysed satellite imagery to map marine habitats and bathymetry in the Caribbean. This collaborative project included in-water data collection, beach profiling and beach value surveys.

Prior to this, Julke worked as Chief Mate on board private yachts, where she was responsible for ships' personnel as well as the operation, maintenance and safety of all deck equipment and spaces. Her profession has taken her to many places around the world.

ITOPF Working Groups

Julke is a member of the Cold Climate Working Group.


  • German (native)
  • English (fluent)