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Nancy Wong

Technical Adviser

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Nancy joined ITOPF in June 2016. She graduated in Biochemistry and a holds a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Her doctoral research investigated the function of a eukaryotic membrane protein in plant, animal and fungal model organisms using a variety of molecular, biochemical and physiological approaches.

Previous experience

During Nancy's PhD she was the Chief Editor of the Centre for Biological Sciences newsletter, reporting on the department's research enterprise and engagement successes. Prior to joining ITOPF, Nancy worked as a project manager in a global business psychologists firm where she organised and managed worldwide development programmes. She led a team of consultants and coordinated the recruitment and development of executive leaders within the oil and gas, financial, automotive and consumer goods sectors.

ITOPF Working Groups

Nancy is a member of the HNS Working Group.


English (native)

Chinese Cantonese (fluent)

Chinese Mandarin (basic)

French (basic)

German (basic)