New film – Oil spills in cold climates – available online

The 8th film in ITOPF’s series “Response to Marine Oil Spills” is now available to view online.

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Post-spill monitoring workshop

ITOPF in partnership with the Danish Institute of Biosciences delivered a workshop on environmental monitoring in Copenhagen on 25th February

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Oil spill response exercise, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, September 2015

Dr Jessika Fuessel attended an exercise conducted by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) in cooperation with local authorities in the world’s northernmost settlement, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.

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The Importance of International Cooperation and Learning from Previous Incidents in Ice-Covered Waters

These were the key themes from the latest session of filming which took ITOPF and the True North filming team back to Svalbard.

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ITOPF Participates in KEMI 2015 Oil-In-Ice exercise as part of the Copenhagen agreement.

ITOPF was pleased to be invited to give a key note speech on the first day of Kemi 2015 and then participate in the oil-in-ice recovery exercise on the second day.

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