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Explore a variety of topics about marine spills, response and compensation matters in the pages below.

Each topic and area of interest provides access to more detailed documentation that is freely downloadable.

This includes our 18 Technical Information Papers which are fully illustrated with photos and diagrams and are available in several languages. 

Compensation for Ship-source Marine Oil Spills

What legal arrangements and sources of compensation are available for a spill from a ship?


What planning and waste management systems need to be put in place to reduce the volume of oily waste for treatment or disposal?

Environmental Effects

How does oil impact seabirds, plankton, sea mammals and the shoreline?  


What are the specific chemical response strategies for responding to a Hazardous and Noxious Substance spill, and what are the potential effects on human and marine life? 

Contingency & Response Planning

What information is needed for an effective oil spill contingency plan? How can aerial observation and protective strategies assist with response operations? 

Economic Effects

Which industries might suffer temporary economic losses and loss of market confidence?

Fate of Oil Spills

What happens to oil in the marine environment over time when spilled at sea? How do different factors such as volume and physical and chemical properties affect the fate of oil spills? 

Response Techniques

What techniques are available for cleaning up oil at sea and on the shoreline?

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15 إعداد المطالبات نتيجة تلوث النفط وتقديمها

15 إعداد المطالبات نتيجة تلوث النفط وتقديمها

تعطي هذه الورقة إرشادات حول المعلومات الواجب تسجيلها وتوثيقها أو الأدلة الأخرى المطلوبة لدعم المطالبة. كما تحتوي شرحًا عامًا لعملية تجميع المطالبة وتقديمها. وتنطبق هذه الورقة في المقام الأول على الانسكابات النفطية من السفن، إلا أن العديد من النقاط الموضحة قد تكون ذات صلة بالانسكابات النفطية من مصادر أخرى.

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