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ABT SUMMER, off Angola, 1991

On 28th May 1991, ABT SUMMER, fully laden with a cargo of 260,000 tonnes of Iranian heavy crude oil, experienced an explosion and a fire about 900 miles off the coast of Angola.

Categories: Africa, Oil, Oil Tanker, Algeria, Angola

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CASTILLO DE BELLVER, South Africa, 1983

CASTILLO DE BELLVER, carrying 252,000 tonnes of light crude oil caught fire about 70 miles north west of Cape Town, South Africa on 6th August 1983.

Categories: Africa, Oil, Oil Tanker, South Africa

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GULSAR ANA, Madagascar, 2009

On 26th August 2009, the laden bulk carrier GULSER ANA ran aground on the southern coast of Madagascar, approximately 1.2 km offshore. Within a few days the vessel suffered serious structural deterioration which led to an immediate and significant oil spill and loss of rock phosphate cargo

Categories: Africa, Bulk Carrier, Environmental effects, Disposal, Madagascar

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KATINA P, off Mozambique, 1992

On 17th April 1992 the tanker KATINA P was disabled by a freak wave while transiting the Mozambique Channel. It was carrying 66,700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil en-route from Venezuela to the United Arab Emirates. The vessel lost hull plating amidships resulting in a release of approximately 3,000 tonnes of cargo.

Categories: Africa, Oil, Oil Tanker, Mozambique

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KHARK 5, off Morocco, 1989

On 19th December 1989, Iranian tanker KHARK 5, carrying 280,000 tonnes of Iranian heavy crude oil, was damaged in a storm, exploded and caught fire approximately 150 nautical miles off the coast of Morocco, north east of the Canary Islands.

Categories: Africa, Oil, Oil Tanker, Morocco

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OLIVA, Tristan da Cunha, 2011

In the early hours of 16th March 2011, bulk carrier OLIVA while on transit from Brazil to Singapore grounded on Nightingale Island, which is part of the Tristan da Cunha Island group in the South Atlantic.

Categories: Africa, Oil, Bulk Carrier, Environmental effects, United Kingdom

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SILVER, Morocco, 2013

On 23rd December 2013, after encountering heavy weather, the chemical and product tanker SILVER grounded on a sandbank off the coast of Tan-Tan in South Morocco while entering the port of El Ouatia. The vessel was carrying 4,940 tonnes of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) 380 as cargo, 190 tonnes of HFO 380 as bunker fuel and 24 tonnes of Marine Gas Oil (MGO).

Categories: Africa, Oil, Product Tanker, Morocco

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