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AGIOS DIMITRIOS 1, China, 2009

On Tuesday 15th September 2009, the containership AGIOS DIMITRIOS 1 was caught in a typhoon and ran aground off Gaolan Island, close to the city of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China. The vessel was in ballast, carrying 859 tonnes of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO).

Categories: Asia, Oil, Container Ship, Economic effects, China

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BUNGA KELANA 3, Singapore/Malaysia, 2010

In the early hours of 25th May 2010, tanker BUNGA KELANA 3 (57,017GT, built 1998) collided with bulk carrier WAILY (15,272GT, built 1983) in the traffic separation scheme within the Singapore Strait, approximately 13km south east of Singapore.

Categories: Asia, Oil, Bulk Carrier, Malaysia, Singapore

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FU PING YUAN, Republic of Korea, 2010

The general cargo carrier FU PING YUAN was anchored at the Pukjangjaseo anchorage off Incheon Port, Republic of Korea, when she was involved in a collision with MV CS CRANE on 15th June 2010. The collision resulted in a 3-4m tear to the side of the engine room and, due to water ingress, FU PING YUAN started to sink.

Categories: Asia, Oil, General Cargo ship, Korea

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HEBEI SPIRIT, Republic of Korea, 2007

On 7th December 2007, the VLCC HEBEI SPIRIT (146,848GT, built 1993), laden with 209,000 tonnes of four different Middle Eastern crude oils, was struck by a crane barge whilst at anchor off Taean, South Korea.

Categories: Asia, Response Techniques, Oil, Oil Tanker, Environmental effects, Economic effects, Disposal, Compensation, Dispersants, Korea

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INDEPENDENTA, Bosphorus, Turkey, 1979

On 15th November 1979, Romanian tanker INDEPENDENTA collided with the Greek cargo ship EVRIALI, off Haydarpasa at the entrance to the Bosphorus, in Turkey. A part of the cargo of 93,800 tonnes of Libyan Es Sider crude oil spilled and caught fire.

Categories: Asia, Oil, Oil Tanker, Turkey

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NOVA, off Iran, 1985

On 6th December 1985 VLCC NOVA, carrying 188,000 tonnes of Iranian Light crude oil, collided with ULCC MAGNUM, in ballast, approximately in the Gulf of Iran. The collision damaged five cargo tanks on NOVA, resulting in a spill of approximately 70,000 tonnes.

Categories: Asia, Oil, Oil Tanker, Iran

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SAMHO BROTHER, Taiwan, 2005

On 10th October 2005, the chemical tanker SAMHO BROTHER was involved in a collision with the container vessel TS HONGKONG, 9 nm North West of Hsinchu, Taiwan. SAMHO BROTHER was carrying a cargo of 3,136 tonnes of benzene, 65 tonnes of intermediate fuel oil and 16 tonnes of marine diesel as bunker fuel.

Categories: Asia, HNS, Oil, Chemical Tanker, Taiwan

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SEA STAR, Gulf of Oman, 1972

The South Korean tanker SEA STAR collided with the Brazilian tanker HORTA BARBOSA in the Gulf of Oman, on 19th December 1972. The incident resulted in the spillage of approximately 115,000 tonnes of crude oil.

Categories: Asia, Oil, Oil Tanker, Oman

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SEKI, Fujairah, 1994

On the 30th March 1994 the tanker BAYNUNAH collided with the tanker SEKI (153,506 GRT) off of the coast of Fujairah (United Arab Emirates) causing SEKI’s No. 1 port cargo wing tank to rupture. Although BAYNUNAH did not spill any oil as it was in ballast, SEKI was carrying 293,000 tonnes of Iranian light crude oil, of which 16,000 tonnes spilt subsequently into the Gulf of Oman.

Categories: Asia, Oil, Oil Tanker

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SOLAR 1, Philippines, 2006

On 11th August 2006, the tanker SOLAR 1, carrying approximately 2,000 tonnes of intermediate fuel oil, encountered problems in rough seas and sank in the Guimaras Straits, some 10 nautical miles south of Guimaras Island, Republic of the Philippines.

Categories: Asia, Oil, Oil Tanker, Environmental effects, Philippines

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ST THOMAS DE AQUINAS, Philippines, 2013

On 16th August 2013, RORO passenger vessel ST THOMAS DE AQUINAS collided with containership SULPICIO EXPRESS 7 on approach to port in Cebu, Philippines. The STA sank within 15 minutes, settling in 40m of water. The incident resulted in the loss of over 100 lives of the 813 passengers and crew on board STA at the time.

Categories: Asia, Oil, RORO, Philippines

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TASMAN SPIRIT, Pakistan, 2003

The Maltese tanker TASMAN SPIRIT grounded at the entrance to Karachi Port, Pakistan in the early hours on 27th July 2003. The vessel was carrying 67,800 tonnes of Iranian Light crude oil destined for the national refinery in Karachi.

Categories: Asia, Oil, Oil Tanker, Environmental effects, Pakistan

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