Case Studies

BALTIC CARRIER, off Denmark, 2001

On 29th March 2001, the chemical/product tanker BALTIC CARRIER collided with the bulk carrier TERN in the Baltic Sea between Germany and Denmark, 30 NM north east of Rostock. Neither vessel sank, but approximately 2,700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil was lost from BALTIC CARRIER’s cargo of some 30,000 tonnes.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Product Tanker, Denmark

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GOLDEN TRADER, Denmark, 2011

On 10th September 2011, the bulk carrier GOLDEN TRADER collided with the fishing vessel VIDAR approximately twenty nautical miles off the western coast of mainland Denmark resulting in the spillage of approximately 205 tonnes of intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO 180).

Categories: Oil, Bulk Carrier, Europe, Denmark

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