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AEGEAN SEA, Spain, 1992

On 3rd December 1992 the Greek OBO carrier AEGEAN SEA, laden with 80,000 tonnes of North Sea Brent crude oil, ran aground during heavy weather while approaching the port of La Coruña on the Galician coast, North West Spain.

Categories: Oil, Bulk Carrier, Europe, Oil Tanker, Economic effects, Spain

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AGIOS DIMITRIOS 1, China, 2009

On Tuesday 15th September 2009, the containership AGIOS DIMITRIOS 1 was caught in a typhoon and ran aground off Gaolan Island, close to the city of Zhuhai in Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China. The vessel was in ballast, carrying 859 tonnes of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO).

Categories: Asia, Oil, Container Ship, Economic effects, China

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HEBEI SPIRIT, Republic of Korea, 2007

On 7th December 2007, the VLCC HEBEI SPIRIT (146,848GT, built 1993), laden with 209,000 tonnes of four different Middle Eastern crude oils, was struck by a crane barge whilst at anchor off Taean, South Korea.

Categories: Asia, Response Techniques, Oil, Oil Tanker, Environmental effects, Economic effects, Disposal, Compensation, Dispersants, Korea

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PRESTIGE, Spain/France, 2002

On 13th November 2002, the tanker PRESTIGE (81,564 DWT), carrying a cargo of 77,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, suffered hull damage in heavy seas off northern Spain. She broke in two on 19 November and 63,000 tonnes of oil were estimated lost from the PRESTIGE.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Economic effects, France, Spain

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TANIO, France, 1980

On 7th March 1980 TANIO, carrying 26,000 tonnes of No. 6 fuel oil, broke in two during violent weather conditions off the coast of Brittany, France. As a result approximately 13,500 tonnes of cargo oil was spilled.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Economic effects, France

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