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AEGEAN SEA, Spain, 1992

On 3rd December 1992 the Greek OBO carrier AEGEAN SEA, laden with 80,000 tonnes of North Sea Brent crude oil, ran aground during heavy weather while approaching the port of La Coruña on the Galician coast, North West Spain.

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AGIP ABRUZZO, Italy, 1991

On the 10th April 1991, the ro-ro ferry MOBY PRINCE collided with the tanker AGIP ABRUZZO (98,544 GT; built 1977) in the Italian port of Livorno. AGIP ABRUZZO was carrying around 80,000 tonnes of Iranian light crude oil at the time. The collision caused serious damage to the starboard aft tanks, resulting in the release of ~2,000 tonnes of crude oil and an unknown amount of Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) 380 bunkers.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Tanker, Italy

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ALFA 1, Greece, 2012

On 5th March 2012, the Greek tanker ALFA I (1,648 GT; built 1972) made contact with a submerged wreck in Elefsis Bay, Greece.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Compensation, Greece

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AMOCO CADIZ, France, 1978

The tanker AMOCO CADIZ ran aground off the coast of Brittany on 16th March 1978 following a steering gear failure. Over a period of two weeks the entire cargo of 223,000 tonnes of light Iranian and Arabian crude oil and 4,000 tonnes of bunker fuel was released into heavy seas.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Environmental effects, France

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ARAGON, off Madeira, 1989

On the 29th December, 1989, whilst under tow following steering gear failure, the Spanish tanker ARAGON suffered heavy weather damage some 360 miles off the coast of Madeira. This resulted in the loss of about 25,000 tonnes of Mexican Maya crude from the No.1 centre tank.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Portugal

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BALTIC CARRIER, off Denmark, 2001

On 29th March 2001, the chemical/product tanker BALTIC CARRIER collided with the bulk carrier TERN in the Baltic Sea between Germany and Denmark, 30 NM north east of Rostock. Neither vessel sank, but approximately 2,700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil was lost from BALTIC CARRIER’s cargo of some 30,000 tonnes.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Product Tanker, Denmark

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BRAER, UK, 1993

Following engine failure, BRAER ran aground in severe weather conditions on Garth's Ness, Shetland on 5th January 1993.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, United Kingdom

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ECE, off Channel Islands, UK, 2006

On 31st January 2006, the Marshall Islands-registered chemical tanker, ECE was on a laden voyage from Safi, Morocco to Ghent, Belgium with a cargo of 10,361 tonnes of Phosphoric Acid when she collided with the bulk carrier GENERAL GROT-ROWECKI off Alderney, Channel Islands, UK.

Categories: HNS, Chemical Tanker, Europe, United Kingdom, France

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ERIKA, West of France, 1999

The Maltese tanker ERIKA, carrying some 31,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil as cargo, broke in two in a severe storm in the Bay of Biscay on 12th December 1999. About 20,000 tonnes of oil were spilled.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Disposal, France

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FLINTERSTAR, Belgium, 2015

In the early hours of the morning of 6th October, while en route to Bilbao with a cargo of steel plates, the 6,577 GT general cargo ship FLINTERSTAR was involved in a collision with the 136,685 GT LNG carrier AL ORAIQ approximately six nautical miles off the coast of Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Categories: Europe, General Cargo ship, Belgium

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GOLDEN TRADER, Denmark, 2011

On 10th September 2011, the bulk carrier GOLDEN TRADER collided with the fishing vessel VIDAR approximately twenty nautical miles off the western coast of mainland Denmark resulting in the spillage of approximately 205 tonnes of intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO 180).

Categories: Oil, Bulk Carrier, Europe, Denmark

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HAVEN, Italy, 1991

On 11th April 1991 the very large crude carrier HAVEN, with 144,000 tonnes of Iranian heavy crude oil onboard, suffered an explosion while anchored in Genoa Roads.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Italy

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On 23rd February 1980, whilst at anchor at the bunkering location in Navarino Bay, Greece, the Greek tanker IRENES SERENADE loaded with a cargo of in 102,660 tonnes of Iraqi crude oil suffered explosions in the forecastle which set the cargo alight.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Greece

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JAKOB MAERSK, Leixoes, Portugal, 1975

On 29th January 1975 the Danish tanker JAKOB MAERSK struck bottom while manoeuvring onto the berth with the aid of tugs at the port of Leixoes, northern Portugal. It was carrying ~88,000 tonnes of oil, comprising Iranian light crude oil cargo and bunker fuel oil when the incident occurred.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Portugal

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PRESTIGE, Spain/France, 2002

On 13th November 2002, the tanker PRESTIGE (81,564 DWT), carrying a cargo of 77,000 tonnes of heavy fuel oil, suffered hull damage in heavy seas off northern Spain. She broke in two on 19 November and 63,000 tonnes of oil were estimated lost from the PRESTIGE.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Economic effects, France, Spain

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ROCKNES, Norway, 2004

On 19th January 2004, the specialised bulk carrier ROCKNES (17,765 GT; 2001 built) laden with a cargo of rock ran into difficulties near Bergen, Norway and capsized, claiming the lives of 18 crew members. The vessel had on board 466 tonnes of Intermediate Fuel Oil 380 and 78 tonnes of marine diesel as well as lubrication oils.

Categories: Oil, Bulk Carrier, Europe, Norway

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ROKIA DELMAS, France, 2006

On 24th October 2006, the RO-RO vessel ROKIA DELMAS suffered engine failure in rough weather and ran aground on the approach to La Rochelle, immediately south of île de Ré, France.

Categories: Oil, Europe, RORO, France

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SEA EMPRESS, Wales, UK, 1996

The oil tanker SEA EMPRESS, carrying 130,000 tonnes of Forties Blend North Sea crude oil, ran aground in the entrance to Milford Haven, South West Wales on the evening of 15th February 1996

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, United Kingdom, Dispersants

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TANIO, France, 1980

On 7th March 1980 TANIO, carrying 26,000 tonnes of No. 6 fuel oil, broke in two during violent weather conditions off the coast of Brittany, France. As a result approximately 13,500 tonnes of cargo oil was spilled.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Economic effects, France

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TK BREMEN, France, 2011

On 16th December 2011, the general cargo ship TK BREMEN dragged anchor whilst in ballast under stormy conditions and sought shelter outside the port of Lorient. The vessel subsequently ran aground on the beach of Kerminihy, Erdeven, France resulting in a spillage of an estimated 70 tonnes of Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO) 180.

Categories: Response Techniques, Oil, Bulk Carrier, Europe, France

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TORREY CANYON, United Kingdom, 1967

TORREY CANYON ran aground near Lands End, Cornwall on 18th March 1967. Thousands of tonnes of oil were soon spilling from the stricken vessel's ruptured tanks and during the next 12 days the entire cargo of approximately 119,000 tonnes of Kuwait crude oil was lost.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Environmental effects, United Kingdom

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URQUIOLA, Spain, 1976

On 12th May 1976 the tanker URQUIOLA struck bottom on entering the port of La Coruña and began leaking oil. It was estimated that 100,000 tonnes of Arabian Light crude oil was spilt during this incident.

Categories: Oil, Europe, Oil Tanker, Dispersants, Spain

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