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Compensation for Ship-source Marine Oil Spills

What legal arrangements and sources of compensation are available for a spill from a ship?


What planning and waste management systems need to be put in place to reduce the volume of oily waste for treatment or disposal?

Environmental Effects

How does oil impact seabirds, plankton, sea mammals and the shoreline?  


What are the specific chemical response strategies for responding to a Hazardous and Noxious Substance spill, and what are the potential effects on human and marine life? 

Contingency & Response Planning

What information is needed for an effective oil spill contingency plan? How can aerial observation and protective strategies assist with response operations? 

Economic Effects

Which industries might suffer temporary economic losses and loss of market confidence?

Fate of Oil Spills

What happens to oil in the marine environment over time when spilled at sea? How do different factors such as volume and physical and chemical properties affect the fate of oil spills? 

Response Techniques

What techniques are available for cleaning up oil at sea and on the shoreline?

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14 海洋油类泄漏的采样和监视

14 海洋油类泄漏的采样和监视

本文广泛地介绍了可用于对油类污染进行定性和定量监视的监视和采样程序。 定性分析可以确认油类污染的来源,而监视计划通常关注的是碳氢物水平长期 的数量变化。本文将就最佳分析做法提供指导,并介绍常用术语。不过,监视 特定生态或生物影响及监视空气中污染物所需的技术和观察工作不在本文的讨 论范围之列。

Categories: Environmental effects, Planning & operations, Technical Information Paper (TIPS)

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13 油类污染对环境的影响

13 油类污染对环境的影响

本文介绍船源性油类泄漏及随后的清理活动对海洋植物群和动物群及其栖息地的影响。 本文特别讨论了油类和生物系统之间复杂的相互作用,多年来的众多研究都以此作为 研究主题。其它 ITOPF 文章对油类对渔业和海洋养殖及更广泛的人类活动的具体影 响进行了讨论。

Categories: Environmental effects, Technical Information Paper (TIPS)

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11 油类污染对渔业和海洋生物养殖的影响

11 油类污染对渔业和海洋生物养殖的影响

本文将介绍船源性油类污染对渔业和海洋养殖的影响,并就有助于降低油类泄漏影响 之严重性的应对措施和管理策略提供指南。对其它经济资源的破坏在另一篇技术资料 论文中予以讨论。


Categories: Environmental effects, Economic effects, Technical Information Paper (TIPS)

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