ITOPF Services & Coronavirus

ITOPF continues to provide its core services and remains ready and prepared.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing advice from the UK Government, ITOPF staff members are now working remotely.  The physical office is closed, as a precautionary measure, and we are operating virtually.

In the event of an incident, our usual emergency notification procedure still applies. Please call +44 (0)20 7566 6998 for immediate attention. (Do not email for an emergency situation.) Your call will be put through to a Duty Officer, who will take details and provide you with technical advice.

The team remains well prepared and fully able to provide technical advice remotely and will support any incident and response operations 100%. However, due to global travel restrictions, we cannot, for the time being, guarantee mobilisation to the site of the incident.  We will work with you to evaluate the options available should an incident arise.

ITOPF staff also remain available for non-emergency response matters. For ongoing cases, damage assessment, claims analysis or advice on contingency planning, advisory work or training we remain ready to assist in the usual manner.

All staff members are contactable through their usual email addresses (i.e. and telephone numbers. For general enquiries please call +44 (0)20 7566 6999 or email

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We are the leading, not-for-profit marine ship pollution response advisers

providing impartial advice worldwide on effective response to spills of oil & chemicals at sea.

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Oil Tanker Spill Statistics 2014

Our annual publication providing data on accidental oil spills is now available.

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Response to Marine Oil Spills Film Series

In this series of seven films, we tackle the key questions. What issues do we need to consider? What expertise and techniques are available? And how do we deliver a well-planned and executed response?

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Technical Information Papers (TIPs)

A series of 17 papers which cover specific spill-related topics illustrated with our photos and diagrams.

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Kids website and game

Our new childrens website aims to educate children on the marine environment, how oil spills can affect this environment in a colourful, fun and interactive way.

Nos principaux services

ITOPF is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to attend spills of oil, chemicals and other hazardous substances worldwide.

L'ITOPF est une source d'informations cruciale sur la pollution causée par les déversements accidentels de navires. 

L'ITOPF conseille régulièrement les gouvernements et l'industrie sur la préparation de plans d'intervention d'urgence et autres sujets liés à la pollution accidentelle causée par les navires. Ces activités nous permettent de promouvoir les bonnes pratiques en dehors des pressions du contexte d'un accident.

L'ITOPF anime des formations et des séminaires dans le monde entier. Axés sur la diffusion de notre savoir et de nos expériences, ils sont souvent organisés en tandem avec nos partenaires gouvernementaux ou industriels.

L'ITOPF conseille sur les dommages causés par la pollution lors de déversements et évalue les mérites techniques des demandes d’indemnisation.