Working With Our Members and Associates

Drills and Exercises

If any of our shipowners are considering undertaking either table-top or full drills and exercises, feel free to contact us if you would like us to participate or think we can help with your scenario planning. Below is a selection of exercises that we have been involved in recently:

  • BALEX DELTA, an annual exercise carried out by the HELCOM Contracting Parties (Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, European Union) to test their response capabilities in case of a major accident and ensure international cooperation. 
  • Barents Sea (Arctic Ocean) Exercise: Joint exercise between Russia and Norway to address emergency response issues in the Barents Sea.
  • CANUSLANT: Joint exercise between the US and Canadian Coast Guards to test the management and deployment of resources in a cross-border oil pollution incident.
  • NOWPAP (North West Pacific Action Plan): Joint oil spill exercise between the Korea Coast Guard and China Maritime Safety Administration.
  • POLEX 2019, a national salvage and oil spill response exercise organised by the Dirección General de la Marina Mercante (DGMM) and Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima (SASEMAR) in Malaga Spain

Contingency Planning and Advisory Services

In addition to facilitating drills and exercises, ITOPF can also assist with the preparation or review of company oil spill contingency plans. If you feel that the experience ITOPF's staff have gained from attending spills around the world can be of benefit to your strategic level planning then contact us to see whether your requirements align with ITOPF's current priority areas.

Training Courses and Seminars

We have had the pleasure of meeting many of our shipowners when we teamed up with the spill management teams, Gallagher Marine Services, Witt O'Briens and ECM Maritime Services, on their annual seminar series for shipowners based in countries around the world who have a port of call in the USA. 

An efficient way to make best use of ITOPF’s expertise is often through small gatherings of like-minded shipowners and their stakeholders at seminars and workshops. If you would like ITOPF to participate in any event you are holding please contact us