Information Services

This includes:

  • 18 Technical Information Papers (TIPs) which cover specific spill-related topics illustrated with our photos and diagrams
  • Response to Marine Oil Spills, an award winning series of eight films tackling the key issues related to oil spills and how to deliver a well-planned and executed response
  • Response to Marine Oil Spills, 2nd edition, a book and e-book available for sale from Witherbys Seamanship
  • Oil Tanker Spill Statistics, an annual publication providing data on accidental oil spills from tankers, combined carriers and barges, derived from ITOPF’s database
  • Country Profiles, a series of reports summarising the spill response arrangements and clean-up resources within individual maritime states
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) applications to facilitate shoreline surveying, reporting and decision-making, and to improve communication of key messages through visualisation
  • Other miscellaneous papers, including conference papers and articles
  • Company library containing a historic collection of publications on marine spills, clean-up techniques, effects and other related issues
  • Media library, containing ITOPF's film for streaming and a gallery of spill images available for downloading