ITOPF has its own library with an extensive collection of books, reports, conference papers and technical articles on oil pollution, clean-up techniques and related topics.

It is a primary source of information for our technical staff and is open to students and other outside visitors for reference purposes by appointment.

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ITOPF Response to Marine Oil Spills Series - Trailer

This three minute trailer introduces the forthcoming series of seven films from ITOPF focusing on oil spills.

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1. Introduction to Oil Spills

In this film, we’ll be looking at some of the first things to consider when planning a response; in particular, how different oils behave in the marine environment, using past case studies as key examples.

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2. Aerial Surveillance

The moment a spill is reported, it’s important to assess the nature and scale of the problem and very often the best way to do that is to get airborne. In this programme we look at aerial surveillance and how it can help us assess a situation and get the

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3. At-sea response

When there’s a spill at sea there’s the opportunity to reduce the amount of oil which reaches the shore. But to be successful in limiting the damage. You need to be prepared and act fast. In this programme we look at different strategies for response at s

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4. Shoreline clean-up

An oil spill is never good news but it’s on the occasions when it reaches the coast that it has potentially the greatest environmental and economic impact. Here we look at shoreline clean-up. The most effective planning and survey techniques and the pr

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Shoreline clean-up and temporary storage

Military personnel collecting oil following the HEBEI SPIRIT oil spill

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Offshore recovery vessel

A specialised recovery vessel with fixed sweeping arms deployed during the PRESTIGE response operation

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Oiled mangrove shoreline

Aerial survey of an oiled mangrove shoreline and fishing port in Cebu, Philippines

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Boomed vessel in ice

Boom surrounding a casualty in ice infested waters

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Dispersant spraying

Application of dispersant from a multi-engined aircraft

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