Meet the Team

Our small team of around 45 staff encompasses a number of nationalities who together speak several languages (English, French, Italian, Czech, Portuguese and Spanish). 

All of our technical team have a Master’s degree and over two thirds have PhDs, with backgrounds in chemistry, marine biology, oceanography, geophysics, engineering, geology, marine geography, coastal management & protection and fisheries & aquaculture.

Our office-based team ensures that the organisation runs smoothly and our technical staff have the support they need when on site. They also collate spill-related information. liaise with our Members and Associates and help raise awareness of our activities through publications, events and seminars.

Vision & Mission Statement

"To be a trusted source of objective technical advice worldwide on preparedness and response to accidental marine spills."
"To promote effective response to marine spills of oil, chemicals and other substances as a means of reducing impacts on the environment and affected communities."