Working Groups

We have several working groups focused on building expertise and disseminating information internally on specific "hot topics".  

Cold Climate

With the growing interest in shipping in the Arctic, this group expands our knowledge of Arctic and cold climate related issues. We are a member of the World Ocean Council's Arctic Group and the Arctic Council's Emergency Preparedness, Prevention & Response Working Group, and are asked to contribute to several Arctic related symposiums and workshops each year.

Environmental Damage

The Environmental Damage Assessment and Restoration Working Group looks at approaches to this topic on a national, regional and international level. It investigates evaluation techniques, restoration planning and implementation, and compiles case studies.  Its remit also covers wildlife issues.


The fisheries sector, including both capture fisheries and mariculture, is often impacted during spills. The Fisheries Working Group collates information and experiences of fisheries-related issues from past spills to produce reference material for contingency planning and guidance during spills.

Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS)

Response to HNS incidents requires specific understanding and training. This group engages with our chemical tanker members, and organises specific HNS training (HAZMAT/HAZWOPER/CAMEO) and exercises. It also provides advice on contingency planning for HNS incidents.