ITOPF Services & Coronavirus

ITOPF continues to provide its core services and remains ready and prepared.

In light of the easing of restrictions in the UK, ITOPF’s office in London is now open from Monday to Thursday with a limited workforce. However, we are not accepting visitors at the current time. As a precautionary measure, the majority of staff continue to work remotely and are operating virtually.

In the event of an incident, our usual emergency notification procedure still applies. Please call +44 (0)20 7566 6998 for immediate attention. (Do not email for an emergency situation.) Your call will be put through to a Duty Officer, who will take details and provide you with technical advice.

The team remains well prepared and fully able to provide technical advice remotely and continues to support incidents and response operations worldwide. We are monitoring the situation with regard to international travel and will work with you to evaluate the options available should an incident arise.

ITOPF staff also remain available for non-emergency technical services. For ongoing cases, damage assessment, claims analysis or advice on contingency planning, advisory work or training we remain at constant readiness to assist in the usual manner.

All staff members are contactable through their usual email addresses (i.e. and direct dial telephone numbers. For general enquiries please call +44 (0)20 7566 6999 or email


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We are the leading, not-for-profit ship pollution response advisers
































































providing objective advice worldwide on effective response to spills of oil, chemicals and other substances at sea.
































































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Technical Information Papers (TIPs)
































































A series of 17 papers which cover specific spill-related topics illustrated with our photos and diagrams.
































































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Our Key Services

ITOPF is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to attend spills of oil, chemicals and other hazardous substances worldwide.

ITOPF is a primary source of information on accidental ship-source pollution.

ITOPF regularly advises governments and industry on the preparation of contingency plans and other matters related to accidental pollution from ships. These activities give us an opportunity to pass on messages of good practice outside the pressurised environment of a real incident.

ITOPF runs training courses and seminars worldwide where we share our technical knowledge and first-hand experiences. These are often undertaken alongside our key governmental partners or industry bodies.

ITOPF gives advice on pollution damage caused by spills and assesses the technical merits of claims for compensation.