Spill Notification Point

Ministere des Transports Maritimes
Direction des Ports

Tel: +261-2 46980

Fax: +261-2 23703

Competent National Authority

There does not appear to be any designated oil spill response authority, although recent experience has shown that the Ministry of Transport and/or OLEP (Organe de Lutte contre les Evénements de Pollution Marine par les Hydrocarbures en Mer) under the Ministry of Environment and SAR under the Ministry of Defence (Navy) may take leading roles. It is possible that a multi-disciplinary Emergency Disaster Committee would be activated.

Response Arrangements

No specific legislation or organisation has been developed in Madagascar to deal with oil or HNS spills. However, the Direction des Ports (Department of Harbours) of the Ministry of Transport would be involved should an incident occur in a port.

Emergency situations, such as cyclones, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes or oil spills would likely be dealt with via a multi-ministry committee. The committee would operate under the authority of the Prime Minister and would coordinate the action of the various administrations that might be involved in the response.

Response Policy

No response policy has been decided, and no local or national contingency plans are known to exist. 



Limited specialised response equipment is held in Madagascar. OLEP has some boom and pumps and some drums of dispersant and backpack sprayers are owned by SOLIMA (Solitany Malagasy) at the refinery in Tamatave. The Malagasy Air Force has several aircraft that might be available for aerial surveillance. Some few tugs, boats, launches, etc. are available in some ports, although the general availability of vessels in Madagascar is relatively low. There are very few personnel trained to respond to oil spills.  In a recent clean-up operation the workforce was provided by the local authorities and fishing associations.


To date, the only oily waste treatment facility is operated by a company called Adonis in the vicinity of Antananarivo.

Previous Spill Experience

In 2009 the Turkish bulk carrier GULSER ANA grounded in southern Madagascar off Cap St Marie, spilling some 500 MT of heavy fuel oil and 39,000 MT of rock phosphate cargo. A clean-up operation was organised by international contractors using local workers and financed by the ship owner. Specialist equipment was shipped in temporarily from abroad, and all wastes were stabilised chemically and recycled.


Prevention & Safety

MARPOL Annexes

Spill Response



'69 '76 '92 '92Fund

* not yet in force 

Regional & Bilateral Agreements

  • Commission de l'Ocean Indien (Indian Ocean Commission) together with Mauritius, Seychelles, The Comores and La Reunion.
  • Nairobi Convention (with states of the East African Region).

Date of issue: June 2010

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