BE-AWARE II Project Seminar, Trondheim, Norway, 26-28 January 2015

26/01/2015 - 28/01/2015

Lisa Stevens is attending the BE- AWARE II (Bonn Agreement: Area-wide Assessment of Risk Evaluations) Project Seminar in Norway. The first BE-AWARE project aimed to quantitively identify the risk and magnitude of mineral oils spills in the Bonn Agreement area and undertake a qualitative risk assessment for hazardous and noxious substances.

BE-AWARE II aims to utilise the results of BE-AWARE I to model the effects of 10 risk reducing and response scenarios through a combination of oil spill modelling and environmental and socioeconomic sensitivity analysis.

The seminar will collate and scrutinise progress of the BE-AWARE II project so far and consider and review the proposed approach for the remaining tasks. It will outline: the project methodology, including risk reduction and response scenarios, preliminary oil spill modelling results, initial region-wide vulnerability maps and next steps on impact analysis and sub-regional risk management conclusions for oil pollution risks.

Further information on BE-AWARE is available at <link http: be-aware>


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