NOSCA Seminar, Bodø, Norway, 12-16 September 2016

12/09/2016 - 16/09/2016

Iain Harrison will be attending the NOSCA Seminar in Bodø, Norway from 12th to 16th September 2016.

NOSCA (Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association) was established in 1993 to satisfy a common need within the industry, oil companies and public institutions to join forces and resources in order to improve the overall knowledge base of oil spill prevention and response. The need for a joint international promotion of the Norwegian oil spill technology and products was also of importance to NOSCA's members representing the industry.

This years' seminar will focus on the following topics:

· How to utilise existing resources in a more cost efficient manner;

· New response strategies that allow for more cost effective spill response;

· Early warning for reducing escalation of a spill; and

· Towards a standardisation of oil spill response strategies.

The seminar will include an equipment demonstration in Bodø harbour as well as both an offshore and on-shore response exercise run by NOFO (Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies). Norway is one of the few countries that has the privilege to benefit from an annual full scale, offshore oil-on-water exercise.

Category: Training & Education