Adriatic Spill Conference 2019

4 June 2019

Adriatic Spill Conference 2019

ITOPF was one of the supporters of the 4th Adriatic Spill Conference on spill prevention, preparedness and response. It was organised by ATRAC (Adriatic Training and Research Centre for Accidental Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response) and held in Opatija, Croatia from 28th-30th May. Richard Johnson gave a presentation on global spill trends, illustrated with recent case studies.  The event attracted an audience of around 100 people from the Adriatic coast and beyond, including government representatives, regional and international institutions, the shipping and oil industry, academia, equipment manufacturers and other specialised companies. It provided an excellent opportunity for sharing experiences of preparedness and response issues, with a view to supporting contingency planning activities in the region.

Photo courtesy of ATRAC

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