Deadline Approaching for 2015 ITOPF R&D Award

17 December 2014

Deadline Approaching for 2015 ITOPF R&D Award

The deadline for applications for ITOPF's 2015 R&D Award is 31st December 2014. Candidates wishing to apply should complete the<link http: in-action r-d-award application-process _top external-link-new-window external link in new> electronic application form on our website.


Each year, over 7800 million tons of oil, chemicals, raw materials and finished goods are safely delivered by sea. Nevertheless, from time to time, accidents do occur that result in pollution of the marine environment by oil or chemicals. The severity of the pollution depends upon many factors. Continuous improvement in the understanding of the fate and effects of these substances will lead to improvements in accepted 'best practice' for spill response and environmental monitoring.

ITOPF's shipowners and their P&I insurers recognise the importance of nurturing good quality R&D in these areas and for this reason have established the annual ITOPF R&D Award. Each year up to £50,000 will be made available to fund R&D projects that make a valuable contribution to improving the knowledge and understanding of issues related to accidental marine pollution.

To qualify: The ITOPF R&D Award is open to any reputable R&D establishment or other organisation worldwide intending to fund a candidate (individual or project team) to undertake research. Applications are invited from all academic disciplines, although preference will be given to those with an applied scientific focus, such as marine biology, chemistry, ecology, physics, engineering, economics etc.

Assessment procedure: Applications for the ITOPF R&D Award will be assessed by the ITOPF R&D Committee comprising

· The Technical Director of ITOPF as the Committee Chair

· A well-respected external and independent member of the scientific community as the Committee Secretary

· At least one other independent, objective scientist jointly selected by the Committee Chair and Secretary

· One other member of ITOPF's technical staff

How to apply: Candidates wishing to apply for the ITOPF R&D Award should visit the <link http: in-action r-d-award _top external-link-new-window external link in new>R&D pages of our website where they will find further information and an electronic application form.

Any questions, please contact us at <link>

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