ITOPF presents at PAJ oil spill symposium 2016

2 February 2016

ITOPF presents at PAJ oil spill symposium 2016

Richard Johnson was one of the key speakers at the Petroleum Association of Japan's (PAJ) annual symposium in Tokyo last week. The theme of this year's event was "Maintaining Future Effective Preparedness against Oil Spills" which featured a range of presentations from national and international specialists on how best to find the optimum level of future oil spill response preparedness and still comply with the OPRC Convention, 20 years after it came into force.

Richard gave a presentation entitled "Just when is oil spill preparedness too expensive?" In the context of a downturn in oil prices and with budgetary constraints affecting government and industry, Richard concluded that an appropriate level of preparedness proportionate to the associated risk must remain a top priority.

Richard also took the opportunity to show ITOPF's films on at-sea response and shoreline clean-up, subtitled in Japanese, to the gathering of 150 delegates.

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