ITOPF supports events in Brazil

19 November 2018

ITOPF supports events in BrazilITOPF supports events in Brazil

Miguel Patel and Duarte Soares spent a fortnight in Brazil in October supporting events organised by the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association (NOSCA) and the Brazilian government.

From 22nd to 25th October, ITOPF participated in the NOSCA International Seminar on Oil Spill Technology, which took place in Rio de Janeiro under the auspices of the Norwegian consulate. Duarte gave a talk entitled “Towards a standardization of shoreline clean-up. Is it possible?”  and participated in a panel discussion on the theme “Is the industry moving towards a standardization of oil spill response strategies?”. The seminar attracted an international audience from government and industry and generated interesting and productive discussions on many different aspects of oil spill preparedness and response.

The following week ITOPF delivered a seminar and workshop at the invitation of the Brazilian Navy, IBAMA (Ministry of Environment) and ANP (National Petroleum Agency) from 29th - 31st October. This event attracted around 35 participants, including representatives from Petrobras and various Brazilian government departments and institutions, and provided an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of oil pollution related issues, with special focus on contingency planning and environmental damage and monitoring.

Pictures show Duarte Soares presenting at the NOSCA Seminar (above) & Miguel Patel assisting with a desktop exercise at the seminar and workshop organised for the Brazilian government.

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