ITOPF supports GIWACAF online training course for The Gambia

30 June 2021

ITOPF supports GIWACAF online training course for The Gambia

ITOPF supported GIWACAF’s online training course for the Gambian authorities on liability and compensation for oil spill pollution, which ran from 28th – 30th June.

The objective of the course was to train the authorities on the scope and implementation of IMO Conventions relating to liability and compensation, as well as provide guidance on more practical aspects of the topic, such as how to raise a claim, and detailing the claim assessment process.

ITOPF, together with the International Group of P&I Clubs and IOPC Funds, gave a series of presentations on the international oil pollution compensation regime, the presentation of claims and the various types of claims (clean up, property damage, economic loss, environmental damage). This included several interactive sessions, with quizzes and practical exercises.

Around 25 delegates participated in the workshop and there was a high level of engagement and interaction across the three days.

Category: Training & Education

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