ITOPF visit North P&I Club

Written by Joe Lane 20 April 2022

ITOPF visit North P&I Club

As part of a series of presentations being delivered to P&I Clubs, ITOPF visited North P&I headquarters in Newcastle to meet up with both familiar and new faces.

ITOPF’s travelling team engaged North P&I colleagues in a table-top pollution response exercise including a Virtual Reality (VR) experience.

The VR exercise gives users a look through the eyes of a Technical Adviser at ITOPF when they attend the site of a spill.

This exercise mimics the challenges faced when chartering an aerial surveillance flight, from choosing the correct type of aircraft to looking for signs of pollution on the water.

Alongside the VR experience, the table-top pollution response exercise put the North P&I team into a scenario where they planned how best to respond to a pollution incident.

This involved the management of contractors and clean-up crews, determining the best use of machinery and importantly, the waste management aspect of effective spill response.

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