ITOPF welcomes Marta Panero as Technical Adviser

Written by Joe Lane 13 February 2024

ITOPF welcomes Marta Panero as Technical Adviser

ITOPF welcomes Marta Panero as a Technical Adviser to its Americas team.

Marta joined the company in January 2024 and holds a BSc in Marine Biology (University of Exeter and James Cook university) and a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Marine Ecology and Conservation at James Cook University, Australia.

 Prior to joining ITOPF, Marta worked for the NGO CoralWatch at the University of Queensland, focusing on environmental education and science communication.

 With a background on coral bleaching at the Australian Institute of Marine Science and collaboration in various conservation projects in remote locations in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Cuba, Marta brings a comprehensive skill set to ITOPF. Her primary area of expertise lies in reef and temperate ecosystem research, monitoring, scientific diving, marine habitat restoration and environmental education.

Marta’s commitment to environmental stewardship and diligent approach to her previous work aligns seamlessly with ITOPF’s mission. Marta previously worked as a Marine Scientist (NEOM, Saudi Arabia) where she conducted data analysis and Environmental Impact Assessments on different habitats such as coral reefs and seagrass meadows in the Red Sea. She also worked as a Marine Technician conducting ballast water sampling onboard large vessels within the maritime sector in Australia.

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