Joint training workshop with Korea Coast Guard

6 December 2018

Joint training workshop with Korea Coast GuardJoint training workshop with Korea Coast Guard

In November, ITOPF was invited to participate in a joint training workshop with Korea Coast Guard at their training academy in Yeosu. ITOPF delivered presentations over two days that aimed to provide the necessary technical background to support strategic decision making in the event of an oil spill. The third day constituted a claims and compensation workshop in the morning, followed by ITOPF’s table-top spill response exercise in the afternoon. On the fourth day, KCG demonstrated various response techniques to clean up a spill of heavy fuel oil in their training pool.

The 35 participants included representatives from the main regional KCG branches, the Marine Pollution Response Planning Division HQ in Incheon, the KCG research centre, Korea Environment Institute, KOEM, and NOWPAP MERRAC. The workshop was highly interactive, and in return for providing an international perspective, ITOPF was able to learn about specific Korean concerns and regulations, and further develop relationships with key Korean partners.

Photographs courtesy of Korea Coast Guard

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