PAJ 2017 Oil Spill Response Workshop

9 February 2017

PAJ 2017 Oil Spill Response Workshop

Richard Johnson was the keynote speaker at the Petroleum Association of Japan's (PAJ) annual oil spill response workshop on Thursday 2nd February. The theme of this year's event was "20 Years on from the NAKHODKA incident - progress and challenges in oil spill preparedness and response". In his presentation "NAKHODKA Reflections: Looking backwards to see forwards", Richard shared his first-hand experience of the spill as a Technical Adviser in 1997 and the particular problems it generated. The second part of his presentation highlighted what has changed in preparedness and response during the intervening years, both nationally and internationally, and what is in place now.

The workshop brought together about 200 people from the maritime and oil sectors of Japan and further afield and provided an excellent opportunity for sharing knowledge and experiences.

Categories: Asia, Training & Education

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