US/Canada transboundary liability and compensation workshop

13 September 2019

US/Canada transboundary liability and compensation workshop

ITOPF attended the second transboundary liability and compensation workshop held to consider the financial aspects of an oil spill affecting both Canadian and US waters. The meeting was held in Portland, Maine at the invitation of the US Coast Guard and hosted by the US Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund. Also attending were representatives of the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, the Canadian Ship-Source Oil Pollution Fund, the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds and the International Group of Protection and Indemnity Clubs.

Tim Wadsworth presented on the role of ITOPF in the claims process and highlighted the implications for liability and compensation arising from a number of historic transboundary oil spills in other parts of the world. ITOPF also contributed widely to the discussion on the practical aspects of claims assessment.

The workshop provided a free and open discussion of liability issues in both Canada and the United States and the procedures by which claims would be submitted, processed and paid. Amendments to the existing Canada-US Joint Marine Pollution Contingency Plan will allow agreements made at the meeting to be implemented in future incidents affecting both the countries.

Category: Training & Education

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