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ITOPF's seven film series "Response to Marine Oil Spills" is available to view online below with subtitles in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese. The films can also be purchased as a single DVD priced £10 (including postage & packing) with subtitles in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified) and Korean only.

An 8th film, Oil Spills in Cold Climates, is available to view on-line but is not part of the DVD.

To access subtitles on the online films, click cc on the bar at the bottom of the screen. Please note, the subtitles only work with Google Chrome, Firefox and some versions of Internet Explorer.

The Response to Marine Oil Spills trailer is subtitled into Chinese only and subtitles are not available for the Oil in Cold Climates trailer.

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4. Shoreline clean-up

An oil spill is never good news but it’s on the occasions when it reaches the coast that it has potentially the greatest environmental and economic impact. Here we look at shoreline clean-up. The most effective planning and survey techniques and the pr

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5. Waste management

In this programme we’ll be looking at how we can most effectively manage oily waste from the moment it’s collected until its final treatment or disposal. Waste management is often a major operation after a large spill and even a minor spill can create

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6. Environmental impacts

We look at the environmental impacts of oils spills from the immediate effects on eco-systems and habitats to prospects for long term recovery. While an incident remains in the public eye, images of oiled coastlines and wildlife can influence a great dea

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7. Oil spill compensation

An oil spill can cause financial loss for a variety of organisations and individuals. We’ll look at some examples of the economic impacts of oil spills on businesses and livelihoods and finding out about the compensation process, from the sources of recom

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