Cooperation Forum and Project Coordination Committee Meeting, Malaysia, 22-24 September 2014

22/09/2014 - 24/09/2014

The Cooperation Forum is the main avenue for user States, the shipping industry and other stakeholders to meet and hold open discussion with the littoral States for the Malacca and Singapore Straits. It serves to promote dialogue and exchanges of views on issues of common interest in these busy straits. The forum also aims to facilitate practical cooperation between the littoral States and the shipping industry with respect to the protection of the environment in the region, including prevention and response to ship-sourced oil and chemical spills.

The Project Coordination Committee meeting provides an opportunity for a variety of initiatives focusing on prevention of maritime incidents and response preparedness to be discussed along with the planning and implementation of these projects. The meetings will be hosted and organised by the Marine Department of Malaysia, and ITOPF has been invited to participate, including providing a presentation to delegates on the regional risk of oil and chemical spills and recent incidents attended in the Singapore Strait. Alex Hunt will attend on behalf of ITOPF.

See <link http: news-events news article cooperation-forum-and-project-coordination-committee-meetings-malaysia-22-24-september-2014 _top external-link-new-window external link in new>Event Report - 14 October 2014

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