INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON GROUP V OILS, Detroit, USA, 9-10 September 2014

09/09/2014 - 10/09/2014

Dr Rebecca Coward was invited to present on "ITOPF's experience of pollution incidents involving high density oils" at the International Forum on Group V (non buoyant) oils, which took place in Detroit, Michigan on 9-10 September. The forum provided an important opportunity for approximately 80 professionals from Canada, France, the USA and the UK to consider oils that sink when spilled and those which can potentially sink due to factors such as weathering and sediment uptake. Delegates included representatives from spill response, industry, government, and non-governmental organisations as well as scientific researchers. Key topics of discussion included the risks that come with increased production, storage and transportation as well as the associated challenges in locating and responding to spills of Group V oils. In addition to presentations regarding recent research, updates to legislation, advances in high technology equipment and case studies, there were panel discussions, an on water demonstration from the Detroit Fire Department and a table-top exhibition area. The feelings expressed from the delegates were primarily ones of hope, in that open discussions regarding Group V oils can potentially support improvements in future spill response and planning.

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