ITOPF supports joint Korea-Vietnam Workshop, October 2015

16 October 2015

ITOPF supports joint Korea-Vietnam Workshop, October 2015

ITOPF supported the Korea Coast Guard at a joint Korea-Vietnam Workshop on Marine Pollution Response Techniques and Compensation, providing advice on the role of ITOPF and other international response organisations in oil and HNS spill response, and sharing experiences of common challenges in trans-boundary incidents.

Ten delegates from Vietnam's Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources and the Centre for Planning & Integrated Coastal Management attended the workshop, which was hosted by the Korea Coast Guard and included visits to their Incheon HQ, training academy in Yeosu, equipment stockpile in Gwangyang, and R&D centre in Cheonan. Input was also provided during a SCAT exercise that involved resources from Yeosu Coast Guard, KOEM, and Yeosu local authorities. A meeting with Korea P&I Club provided an opportunity for the participants to learn more about the International Compensation Conventions, and the claims and compensation process. Since the HEBEI SPIRIT oil spill in 2007, Korea has built up its response capability and compensation framework, and the lessons learned in this process were shared to assist Vietnam as it seeks to increase its preparedness and response capability.

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