Spill response exercise and training in Brest, France

Written by Joe Lane 27 July 2022

Spill response exercise and training in Brest, France

ITOPF staff made a trip to Brest, France as some of its team visited Cedre’s facilities to take part in a four-day exchange of experience and theoretical and practical training.

The practical activities lined up by Cedre saw the ITOPF team take part in a variety of spill response exercises which included shoreline, port, and open water response techniques as well as a mock pollution event on inland waters in the Penfeld River.

During these practical exercises, newer ITOPF staff were able to experience the safe set-up and use of response equipment, benefitting from hands-on experience of how they are safely operated.

Alongside a tour of Cedre’s training facilities and laboratories, presentations from both Cedre and ITOPF on recent case studies took place.

Richard Johnson, Technical Director for ITOPF said: “We have a long, established relationship with Cedre, and our return to their facilities for our bespoke exchange and training this year has yet again been a beneficial experience for newer and existing team members.

“The opportunity to exchange experience and speak with our response colleagues is always welcome and our July visit was no exception.

“I’d like to thank all those at Cedre who hosted the ITOPF team and ensured we had both an informative and enjoyable time, and we look forward to returning in October with other team members.”

The course culminated in a spill response scenario, whereby ITOPF team members were tasked with a spill of kerosene in a controlled environment, in which they controlled and recovered the spilt fuel.

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