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ITOPF celebrates 55 years

2023 marked 55 years since ITOPF began.

ITOPF and Korea Coast Guard workshop takes place in Yeosu, South Korea

ITOPF spent time in Yeosu, South Korea for a joint training workshop with Korea Coast Guard (KCG) covering oil spill preparedness and response, followed by an international cooperation conference in…

ITOPF hosts table-top exercise at West P&I headquarters

ITOPF visited colleagues at West P&I club for a table-top exercise in pollution response.


For general enquiries please email or call +44 (0)20 7566 6999 In the event of an incident or emergency please call +44 (0)20 7566 6998. Please do not email for an emergency…

Emergency Contact

The message paging system has been phased out and the old emergency mobile number is no longer be in operation. Callers must use the numbers above for advice and/or to mobilise us to site in the…

News & Events

Company news - May 2024 ITOPF announces its 2024 R&D Award winner. Read more Read more Our latest press releases, graphics, images and downloadable notes on ITOPF can be found…

Milena Devine

Milena joined ITOPF in December 2023 as a Workplace Coordinator, having previously worked in hotel and office administration for over 10 years.
At ITOPF, she is responsible for facilitating an…

Kim West

Kim started her career as a medical secretary before moving to corporate finance. For 20 years she worked in childcare and also for a company of transcribers, typing court tapes and assisting with…

ITOPF attends India's ninth national pollution response exercise 'NATPOLREX IV'

ITOPF spent time in India with the INDIAN COAST GUARD as part of the ninth annual National Response Exercise – NATPOLREX IX.

Meet some of the Team

Here we ask some of our team about what attracted them to a position at ITOPF, how they have found their experiences in the role, and what they are most looking forward to.  Shania…