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Winner 2022

POLITE, 2022 winner The beneficiary of the 2022 ITOPF Research and Development (R&D) award is the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in Canada, in partnership with Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean…


Terms & Conditions These Country & Territory Profiles are provided in good faith as a guide only and are based on information obtained from a variety of sources over a period of time.  This…


Company news - May 2024 ITOPF announces its 2024 R&D Award winner. Read more Subscribe to our News feed

ITOPF welcomes Marta Panero as Technical Adviser

ITOPF welcomes Marta Panero as Technical Adviser

ITOPF welcomes Marta Panero as a Technical Adviser to its Americas team.

Members / Associates

Over the past half a century our technical staff have provided objective advice in relation to 850 ship-sourced marine spills in 100 countries. Being…

ITOPF invited to industry workshop in India

ITOPF invited to industry workshop in India

We were pleased to be invited by the Indian Director General (DG) of Shipping and the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds) to deliver a series of presentations as part of a…

Oil Tanker Spill Statistics 2023

Background ITOPF maintains a database of oil spills from tank vessels, including combined carriers, FPSOs and barges. This contains information on accidental spillages of persistent and…

Company Literature

ITOPF produces a variety of publications annually to keep our Members, Associates and the wider maritime community informed on issues related to marine spill preparedness and response. These are…

Marta Panero

 Marta Panero

Marta joined ITOPF in January 2024, where she is a member of  the Americas team. She holds a BSc in Marine Biology (University of Exeter and James Cook university) and a Master of Philosophy…