Global trends in ship-sourced marine pollution (2010)

23 May 2014

Global trends in ship-sourced marine pollution (2010)

Dr Henk Renken

Paper presented at: Oil in the Sea Conference, Hamburg, Germany, 17-19 November 2010

A review of the trends over the past 10 years shows that Asia and Europe are the regions where ITOPF attended oil spills most often. China in particular is a hot spot, being the country in which ITOPF has attended oil spills most frequently in the past 10 years. This is likely a reflection of the recent economic growth, resulting in increased import and export activities. Although there has been a significant reduction in large ship-sourced spills, accidents will and do occur. Prevention of spills should have the highest priority, however there clearly remains a need to develop preparedness and in particular contingency plans. Spill response preparedness and regular exercises are indeed the best strategies to maintain readiness to respond efficiently when an incident occurs.

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